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Edofest At The Palace of His Royal Majesty


*As Commissioner for Arts, Culture, Tourism and Diaspora Affairs leads cultural troupes from the eighteen local government to the Palace of his Royal Majesty Oba Ewaure II(Oba of Benin)*

The celebration of Edo festival of Arts and culture " #Edofest " witnessed colourful display of cultural activities from the eighteen cultural troupes in Edo state at the palace of his Royal Majesty Oba Ewaure II.

The cultural troupes led by the Commissioner for Arts Culture Tourism and diaspora affairs, Hon.Osaze Osemwegie-Ero, In his speech Hon.Osaze said they decided to come to the palace to pay homage to the Royal Majesty Oba Ewaure II Oba Of Benin, who is the number one custodian of our culture in the state and to get his Royal blessings towards the upcoming EDOFEST.

Tourists, Residents and notable celebrities were entertained to a very beautiful and colourful display of culture, from the Benin cultural group in Edo south, Cultural troupes from Esanland( Edo central) and Afemai people (Edo North).

The event which climaxed at about 7pm with musical interlude from legendary Edo musical Ambassador Osayomere Joseph.

As activities for Edofest 2017 continues, tourists, residents are optimistic that the event will no doubt leave a lasting memory in the history of our cultural heritage.

Our Culture, Our Wealth.

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