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Edo Teens UK for Edo Libya Returnees: The Concert

Edo Teens UK for Edo Libya Returnees: The Concert

Edo State citizens have been heavily affected by the slave trade activities uncovered in Libya in October 2017. Ever since the CNN report there has being ongoing efforts by the Nigerian, Italian and French Govts in conjunction with the United Nations to ensure Africans being sold as slaves in Libya are being rescued, profiled and deported back to their home countries.

The statistics of Africans/ Nigerians returned from Libya have highlighted that Edo state stands alone as the state with the highest number of people being sold as slaves in Libya. Edo state also has the highest number of rape victims many who now have HIV, deaths across the Sahara and Mediterranean Sea. Most of these Edo Libya returnees are coming back home to a life of nothing. The poverty and deprivation that pushed people into this horrible situation is still there on their return.

Edos in diaspora have supported the liberation of Africans being sold as slaves in Libya by participating in protests, rallies and signing petitions putting pressure on the Libyan govt to ensure the end of this horrible trade, however there is a uniform voice from the rally to the corridors of power that putting an end to this horrible act of slavery is a responsibility of all people. We must support the Govts and our people to ensure we elevate the conditions that has brought this upon us.

As Edos in the UK we will be helping Edo Libya returnees.

To kickstart our support, Edo Teenagers UK are organising a Performance concert on Saturday 24th February 2018 titled “Edo Teens UK for Edo Libya Returnees”. A Concert to raise funds to help rehabilitate and rebuild the lives of Edo state Libya returnees.

Our target for 2018 is to help rehabilitate and rebuild the lives of 50 Edo Libya returnees in Edo state. Edos in the UK diaspora will fund Shelter, clothing, food, furnishings, apprentice training, education and work for 50 Libya returnees in Edo state. We will need to monitor them closely and report periodically on progress and challenges

The Concert will involve Edo Teens (Teenagers) UK in musical performances, dancing, Benin language speaking, Cultural dancers, storytelling and comedy.

Give every Edo Teenager in the UK diaspora the opportunity to make a difference in their community.

To contribute or register your child to perform, please email us at info@edoconnect.com.

Facts About Edos and Libya:

  • Over 70% of Libya Returnees are from Edo State

  • Most deaths in the Sahara and Mediterranean are from Edo State

  • Most of the returnees have lost everything

  • Most of the female returnees are abused and pregnant and need medical attention

  • Most of the returnees need Housing, furnishing, cooking materials, bed, plates etc.

  • Most of the returnees need work training such as apprentice schemes with tailors, carpenters..

  • Some of the returnees have children.

  • We have over 2000 returnees in Edo State

Its Time to Make a Difference. Thank you for your anticipated co-operation.

This initiative is organised by Edo Connect and The Benin Trust UK (charity number 1116338).

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