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German Anti-Racist Band Irie Revolts Says Farwell with Clear Message "Do Not Let People in the

Irie Révoltés, the anti-fascist and anti-racist band whose story began in Mannheim in 2000, said goodbye to its fans and sympathizers on Tuesday, December 26, right there in the Maimarkthalle. For the farewell concert "Irievoir" came about 12 000 people who wanted to see their idols and celebrate with them one last time. The end of the farewell tour, which started in Stuttgart on 6 October, came to an end.

Irié Révoltés have stopped, the band will disband. After 18 years of band history, five albums, uncounted political actions and more than 500 concerts in 25 countries, Pablo Charlemoine (Mal Élevé), his brother Carlos Charlemoine (Carlito) and their comrades want to devote themselves to new projects. Her message in the city where the story of her band began was, as always, clear: anti-fascist, anti-racist and political.

Joy and sadness at the same time

Already on the previous evening thousands of people stormed the Maimarktgelände. They came from the Federal Republic and the whole of Europe. Among them many antifascists, anti-racists and leftists who grew up with the songs of the band. "Irié Révoltés is a great band," said a student from Hamburg. It was inconceivable to her that she would stop now. In these times of right-shift in Germany and Europe, she would like the band to continue.

But the band is leaving, but their music and ideas will stay, said a fan from Italy. Although he does not belong to the Antifa and left scene, but the message of Irie Révoltés was more than 10 years ago for him formative. He is sad that the band is leaving, but happy to have one last chance to see his dream artists.

Anti-fascist forever

After the grandiose performance of the Berlin drummer and artist Jan Pfennig (Stix on Speed), who was scheduled for the final concert as a supporting act, Irie Révoltés entered the stage shortly after 21 clock under thunderous applause. This began a three-hour, highly political musical journey, which should have taken for many fans no end. With hip hop, reggae, ska and dancehall rhythms, Irié Revoltés made the Maimarkthalle vibrate and the audience, which consisted mostly of young people, to dance.

When Élevé and Carlito started to sing the song "Antifaschist", the whole hall sang along. "I was born that way. I will stay that way until I die. I was born that way. Anti-fascist forever, forever! "Was the message. The young audience waved flags with anti-fascist slogans.

"Do not let people drown in the Mediterranean"

Irié Révoltés denounced the shift to the right and the increasing racism in German and European society and called for more resistance against the AfD and neo-Nazis. During the concert, Mal Élevé sharply criticized the EU's inhumane refugee policy. The European Union is to blame for the dying of migrants and refugees in the Mediterranean. He then called on the public to show more commitment to the civilian sea rescue for refugees Sea-Watch and to donate .

"Do not let people in the Mediterranean drown," he urged the EU. Sea-Watch accompanied the farewell tour and was able to solicit donations for the rescue of refugees on the Mediterranean.

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