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Edo UK Youths for Edo State Libya Returnees: Concert Update.

As part of our preparation for above concert to get Edo UK youths involved in assisting Edo state Libya returnees, help is needed in preparing the below Benin language materials for the Edo UK youths who will be attending our rehearsal classes.

  • Numbers 1-100 in Benin Language

  • 7 days of the week in Benin Language

  • 12 Months of the year in Benin Language

  • Parts of the human body in Benin Language

  • Simple items like Chair, table, cup, glass, pen, pencil, pot, spoon, water and bed in Benin Language.

  • Basic Greetings in Benin Language (Good morning, Good afternoon, Goodnight, Welcome and Goodbye)

  • A brief history about Edo State (Start after 1960, mention Bendel State but keep it brief).

  • A brief history about our Oba Ewaure II and the Benin Kingdom

  • A brief description on the factors that cause Edos to attempt to migrate to Europe and then end up in Libya.

  • We will also need a small collection of pidgin English words ( keep it simple).

Please contact info@edoconnect.com with your submissions and keep each title to not more than one page.

There will be 3 rehearsal classes held before the concert. The cost is £20 per youth. Edo UK youths are Edo children up to the age of 30 years

Interested Edo parents should email at info@edoconnect.com to book their children to perform in the concert. A flyer of the event should be available in the next week to pass on to your children.

Remember it is our responsibility to get our Edo children involved in doing something good in our Edo community. It will do them a world of good.

Do contact us on info@edoconnect.com with any questions on the above.



All donations should go to the Benin trust (Charity number 1116338).

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