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Libya is Proud Of Its African Roots: Official Press Statement From The Embassy of The State of Libya

Government of National Accord: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Libyan Embassy-London.

Official Statement

  • The Embassy of the State of Libya has acknowledged the complaints circulating in the media with regards to individuals practising human trafficking of African descent immigrants.

  • The Embassy of the State of Libya also acknowledged the peaceful demonstration in front of the embassy by members of the public on Sunday 26th of November 2017.

  • The Embassy of the State of Libya respects any voice rejecting inhumane acts wherever they may be.

  • The Libyan Presidency Council of The Government of National Accord issued a statement on the 23rd of November 2017, The Libyan Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement on the 19th of November 2017 and the statement of the Ministry of Justice issued a statement on the 20th of November 2017 emphasizing the following:

  • Rejection of all forms of exploitation and Unhuman practices against immigrants anywhere and under any title.

  • The allegations raised by the media on illegal immigrants in Libya are under investigation by the Attorney General.

  • Competent authorities are investigating the incidents to reveal the truth and punish those responsible.

  • Such acts, if proven right, contravene all the values, traditions and customs of the Libyan people and the international conventions relating to human rights, especially the UN convention against Transnational organized crime.

  • The Libyan Embassy confirms that any practice that perpetuate the deprivation of human will and freedom, if proven done, is an act of individual and is not a systematic practice. There is an urgent need to confront them through coherent and effective international support.

  • It is time to reflect and understand the illegal immigration crisis in Libya. It is a common responsibility for the country of origin, of transit and of destination. It is the responsibility of the relevant international and regional organizations that lead us to establish radical solutions facing illegal immigration, by implementing development programs to the countries of origin and addressing the causes.

  • The Libyan Embassy recalls the good relations between Libya and the United Kingdom and stresses the importance of the efforts exerted by the UK Government to push resolutions to end the Libyan conflict, so the authorities can lay foundations for the implementation of law, addressing the negative impacts of the current chaos on Libyan nationals and those who arrive there from our dear neighbour friendly countries.

  • Libya is proud of its African roots. This has been translated into support for the African Union including Libyan investments in Africa. Therefore, any individual practices will not affect the relations of the Libyan people with their brothers and sisters throughout Africa.

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