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Appeal to Nigerian Government to extend the Libya response to Malaysian Deportation Camp.

A five-minute video of a Nigerian lady shedding light into the experience of Nigerian migrants in Malaysia has gone viral. In the video, she claimed that Nigerians in Malaysia deportation camp are experiencing the same inhuman treatment as their counterpart in Libya and urged the federal government to help and evacuate them.

Thousands of Nigerians in deportation camps and prisons in Malaysia. No food but white rice. Many have been in the deportation camp for years. Malaysia is very strict to people without the relevant documents. She is appealing to the Nigerian Government and the immigration service to help clear the Malaysian deportation camp. The Nigerians in the camps cannot reach out to their families and some are now insane. They need help to return home. The court system is a waste of years as I know a Nigerian who has going to court here for 7 years.

Forget about prison, help evacuate the deportation camps with just tickets

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