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Nigerian Human Rights Lawyer Protests Unreasonable Fees at UK Home Office Non-EU Nationals.

Mr Samson Akiola, a Nigerian human rights Lawyer and activist, visited the UK home Office at Lunar House, Croydon, this week, to fight for the interests of Non EU Nationals trying to settle in the UK. Mr Akiola in his broadcast states that the extortionate prices for application fees brought in by the Home Office amounts to exploitation of Non- EU Nationals. The UK Home Office is using Non-EU Nationals as a source of revenue.

How can the UK Home Office charge £993.00 for a standard application from a Non- EU national and £65.00 from an Eu National? Why should the home office charge a Non EU National £2297.00 to apply for indefinite leave to remain? These prices are per applicant, so a family of three from a Non-EU National country will need £6,891.00 to apply and this can be turned down.

The Home Office rules contravenes the Equality act of 2010 which states organisations must not discriminate on race. Using Non-EU nationals as a source of revenue is unlawful. It is also contrary to the European convention of human rights.

The home Office have failed to set the level of their fees in a fair and reasonable manner.

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