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Alleged Nigerian Committing Carnage in Libya. The Wassup Message From Libya asking The Nigerian Auth

A Wassup audio message from Libya, made by 3 gentlemen identifying themselves as being from Edo state, is currently making waves in the International Community. The message alleges that the inhumane treatment of Nigerians in Libya is being dished out by Nigerian gangs in Libya who are part of a wider gang operating from Nigeria.

The message carries the image of a Nigerian man known as Kolawole, AKA Bishop Ayelala, who has been described as the trafficking and killing mastermind. A victim in the audio narrates how Kolawole has beaten, broken heads and killed over 10 Nigerians in his presence in Libya.

Kolawole is further accused of extorting money from parents and family members in Edo state even after their loved one has been killed. Another voice in the message said that Kolawole asked him to pay extra N500,000 to him in Libya even though he had paid him all the money from Nigeria. He called his father to pay, but Kolawole still beat him up and put him in prison for over 3 months till he had received the money. When they beat you to death, they go and throw away the body. They have guns, connections and are very dangerous.

All we know now is Kolawole has being chased out of Libya by the Arabs and is said to be in Nigeria investing his money. He is half Yoruba, half Delta and is presently residing in Benin-city.

The voices are calling out for the Edo state Government, Nigerian forces and armed forces to track down Kolawole and make sure justice is served.

This message will be forwarded to the right authorities to investigate.

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