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Golden Visas to UK ‘Must be Checked to Stop Dirty Money’

Golden visas to UK ‘must be checked to stop dirty money’

VISAS handed to those with more than £2million to invest in the UK should be reviewed to stamp out ‘dirty money’, a former minister has said.

Labour’s Dame Margaret Hodge (above) said Russia was one of the main countries to take up the Tier 1 investor visas, which she called ‘the golden visas’.

She asked home office minister Ben Wallace what steps were being taken ‘so that we understand where the £2 million-plus comes from so that we can be assured that it is not dirty money and these are not unsavoury individuals’.

In response Mr Wallace said: ‘We do have the powers in our visa regime already to take action and we will quite rightly, as she says, be looking at that tier to make sure that we do better due diligence if we need to on where the money comes from.’

Meanwhile, the widow of murdered spy Alexander Litvinenko criticised the government for allowing ‘blood money’ from Russian oligarchs into Britain.

Nataliya Litvinenko was also asked in an interview for Sky News about Jeremy Corbyn’s call for a response to the Salisbury attack ‘based on clear evidence’.

She replied: ‘I just try to understand what motivated him, his feeling — he loves Russia?

‘Or because somebody has asked him to do this.

‘I can say people are naïve but sometimes I hope there’s nothing behind this, because I don’t like to blame people of being corrupted or doing this because of money.’

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