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MPs Call for Facebook Mark Zuckerberg to be Quizzed on ‘Data Grab’

MPs call for Mark Zuckerberg to be quizzed on ‘data grab’

FACEBOOK boss Mark Zuckerberg is facing calls to appear before MPs after it was revealed a British data firm had been suspended by the social network over allegations it harvested personal details from 50million users.

Mr Zuckerberg should ‘stop hiding behind his Facebook page’, said Damian Collins, chairman of the digital, media and sport committee.

The Conservative MP also accused Cambridge Analytica head Alexander Nix of ‘deliberately misleading’ Parliament after allegations it received personal data from Facebook apps without users’ consent.

Facebook vice president Paul Grewal alleged in a blog that Cambridge professor Dr Aleksandr Kogan had passed on information to Cambridge Analytica after launching an app called thisisyourdigitallife in 2015. Despite assurances at the time that the data had been destroyed, Facebook was informed in recent days that this had not happened, he wrote.

Cambridge Analytica helped target adverts before the US election and the Brexit campaign in 2016.

Chris Wylie (pictured), a former research director at the firm, told Channel 4 News a data grab was carried out in 2014. ‘We were able to get upwards of 50 million-plus Facebook records in a couple of months,’ he said.

Cambridge Analytica denies the allegations. It said Mr Wylie ‘had a grudge to bear’ and called his claims ‘pure fantasy’. Dr Kogan says everything he has done was legal. Facebook has suspended accounts for Dr Kogan, Cambridge Analytica and Mr Wylie ‘pending further information’

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