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Edo Diaspora for Edo Libya Returnees, Its Time to Make a Difference.

Since CNN broke the Libyan slave trade story on the 7th of November 2017, Edo connect has been at the forefront of keeping the Edo diaspora informed of the actions taken by the Nigerian Government, The Edo State Government and the Libyan Government in combating the crisis (www.edoconnect.com).

Over 5000 Nigerians have been flown out of Libya by the Nigerian government since the report. Of that total 2982 of the Libya returnees are from Edo State and are presently being rehabilitated by the Edo State Government. The Edo State government has established the Edo State Taskforce Against Human Trafficking (ETAHT), headed by Edo State Attorney General Professor Yinka Omorogbe to deal with these issues. Last week the Libyan government completed the 1st phase of its investigation and issued over 205 arrest warrants for Libyans involved in this horrendous act.

Edo Connect has contacted ETAHT and a summary of the tremendous work they are doing and the challenges they are facing is listed below. The main challenge obtaining the funding to provide a suitable medical facility for the returnees.

To this end Edo Connect has teamed up with the Odionwere Council UK and Ireland, and The Benin Trust UK, Charity number 1163338, to enable the Edo diaspora to donate towards what is needed to help achieve an effective rehabilitation and reintegration of Edo Libyan Returnees back into Edo main stream society.

As part of the fund-raising activities, The Odionwere Council UK & Ireland, The Benin Trust UK and Edo Connect are organizing the Prince Ekpen Erediauwa Charity Football Match in London on the 18th of August 2018 and Manchester on the 1st of September 2018. To register your interest kindly email us at info@edoconnect.com.

Our first batch of donations will be handed to the Edo State Government Taskforce at the end of April 2018. Please see below how the diaspora can make donations.

All donations and donors will be made public unless advised otherwise.

Executive Producer

Osa Iyamu

Tel: 07943 424425

Email: info@Edoconnect.com



Edo State Task Force against Human Trafficking, ETAHT, has successfully received 2,982 returnees from Libya from the 7th of November 2017 to 15th of February 2018.

Edo State Government is paying Stipends of £40.00 per month to all returnees for up keep. Vocational and technical training is given so they can pick up a skill to find a job after 3 months, which is also the duration of the stipends. The Edo State Government returnee resettlement scheme is for all stranded migrants that are willing to come back home and be registered. So far the Edo State Government has committed £360.000.00 to pay stipends over 3 months, to 3000 Edo Libya returnees.

The Challenges of ETAHT are listed below:

· To set up a suitable shelter for returnees.

· To provide educational grants to children and women.

· To build a complete mind and body clinic that will address the health needs of these returnees.

Our Involvement: The Benin Trust UK (Charity Number 1116338) will send donations to ETHAT to help achieve their objectives:

1. Providing Shelter:

They are presently using “Cosudow Shelter” owned by a catholic organization. They have been very supportive in the fight against human trafficking and irregular migration. They house only females. We need a shelter for the males and long-term shelter for the females.

Solutions: With your donations they will be able to rent private accommodation for up to a year for returnees while they get the vocational and technical govt training and look for work. This will help prevent them from a life of crime or falling into the hands of traffickers.

2: Providing a Clinic to Address their Health needs:

To build or partner with a Health Centre in Benin-city to provide checks and treatment for all Libya returnees. Including anti natal and mental support for those with serious health issue.

Solutions: With your donations they will be able pay a local hospital to provide the adequate checks, treatment and medication for Libya returnees. This includes treatment for HIV, rape cases and anti-natal for pregnant returnees.

3: Continue Creating Awareness of Trafficking and Its Dangers.

With Edo State being highlighted as Capital of Human Trafficking Worldwide, we want to concentrate some effort of creating awareness amongst Edo Mothers, Fathers and Children about the dangers of such practice. Create programs and leaflets to be distributed across homes and schools in Edo state highlighting the signs and dangers of trafficking, why you must desist from it, and reporting those who are involved in this trade.

Solution: With your donation they will be able to create and disseminate materials against Trafficking including billboards, TV adverts, radios messages and leaflets across the 36 local Governments of Edo state.

HOW TO MAKE DONATIONS: Please make donations to our bank account below

The Benin Trust UK

Bank Details: HSBC

Sort Code: 40-06-30

Account Number 31329626

Please use your name as reference when making payment

To Pay Naira in Nigeria:

The Benin Trust Patron

Fidelity Bank Account Number 4021084860

Please use your name and Benin trust as a reference when making payment.

For Edo Unions in the UK Making Donations:

We will publish the names of the Unions, The President and payment received.

The Edo Unions in the UK Diaspora are listed below:

  • The Odionwere Council UK & Ireland

  • Benin Union UK

  • Edo Global organization

  • Benin Voice UK

  • Edo National Association UK.

  • The United Friends Club

  • United Friends Club

  • The Edo State Alumnae in the UK Diaspora.

  • Families, individuals and Friends of Edo State willing to contribute.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions at info@edoconnect.com.

Yours Sincerely

Edo Connect UK.

The Benin Trust UK is Patroned by Prince Ekpen Erediauwa.

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