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New Breed Nigerian Politicians, Ready or Not?

Everywhere in the World, Nigerians, on a daily basis, right after our prayers and included in our prayers, man or woman, boy or girl, rich or poor, digest a daily dose of Nigerian politics. It comes from everywhere, phone, cab driver, child, friend, parents, I mean everywhere. The conversation centres around how all the problems in our lives are always Nigeria’s Fault. The gist normally ends with that line “the old Nigerian politicians must go and let the new, young vibrant ones takeover”. Which brings me to my point. Who are the New Breed Nigerian politicians? Where are they? What have they done to show they can govern Nigeria? Why do we not know them? Are they ready? Are we Nigerians ready to support that person? Many many important questions that need answers.

Firstly, there is no doubt that Nigeria as a country could do with more political choices in terms of persons, but talk of a New Breed is now becoming laughable. Let us define the New Breed of unseen Nigerian Politicians. New breed now means any Nigerian between ages 40 and 60, Man or Woman. What qualities are needed in our New Breed Politicians?

New Breed must have international experience. New breed means any Nigerian that has been able to demonstrate in the Nigerian Communities worldwide that they care about the Nigerian People. New breed means they have been using their wealth to impact Nigerian lives positively Worldwide. New breed means the Nigerian People are already aware of you and your good deeds and we can entrust you with our Nation. New Breed means showing your energy and passion for your community in the best way possible, not just money. New breed means new hope and many other positives.

Comparing the above qualities to the realities of what is on ground reveals a problem. In reality our New breed Nigerian politicians are bunch of complainers who want to take advantage of the populace vote. A bunch of unknowns who have not done anything in their Nigerian Communities Worldwide that we all know about. A bunch who have not promoted any form of inspiration to the Nigerian people till date. A bunch who cannot pay the fees to sell themselves to the average Nigerian worldwide. A bunch who are still going behind to bribe old politicians for power. A bunch with no experience in serving their people. A bunch with no goodwill (How many have visited the Chibok girls, Libya, Herdsmen victims etc). A bunch driven by greed and personal profit. A bunch that want to be sure they can get into Asorock before we know what they can do. These are just a few traits of the Nigerian messiah we are presumably praying for.

A quick summary of the New breed of Nigerian politicians will expose them now as products of the system they are saying they can change. These New Breed Politicians need to change themselves first. They have failed themselves and their surroundings much like the old breed. Remember the old sayings “The devil you know is better that the angel you don’t know” and” A bird in hand is worth more than 2 in the bush” ... The new breed do not have the pure energy required to take the mandate. An energy that only comes from serving your people. New breed, please go back to the drawing board because you are not ready.

Having said that, I am aware a new Nigerian leader will enjoy support like never seen before. He will give the people the hope and new energy they are craving for. But how long will it take before we give him the Trump treatment? How long before we start complaining that they don’t do things, don’t know things, then come and go etc. One thing the new president will not be able to do is fix Nigeria quick.

Accepting the above reality means if these young bucks AKA New Breed Nigerian Politicians, don’t start doing the right things, I’m sorry, not by choice but the old politicians will keep getting better and better and with time, we might, might just start liking them again.

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