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Senator Urhoghide "Business as Usual is Over". Get Over it.

Some Nigerian newspapers today have the toll of herdsmen victims in Nigeria at 904 and Boko Haram at around 500 (when all the abductions have been considered). This is one person too much, never mind 904 or 500.

This means Senator Urhoghide had 904 reasons to seek impeachment of president Buhari but he ignored all of them. The Senator alleges that President Buhari bought planes for Nigeria to the tune of $496m without passing it through the Nigerian Senate and this amounts to an impeachable offence. How audacious!

What Senator Urhoghide did not process was the reaction of the youths from his constituency to his impeachment call of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Mohammadu Buhari.

The scenes at Benin Airport on the 27th of April 2018 was the only response received by the Senator- a lynch mob of Edo youths seemingly very unhappy about the Senators call. Why and whether you believe Senator Urhoghide’s claim of a political set-up is debatable, but the lessons learnt in Benin on that faithful day are not all good for progress.

Firstly, we all, including Governor Godwin Obaseki, who incidentally was at Benin Airport during the incident must denounce and condemn violence against all elected government officials. There is no room for thuggery, intimidation or violence in Nigeria’s democracy. No excuse, just stamp it out immediately, in Edo state, in Nigeria, and everywhere possible. Democracy is freedom of speech and the gift of respecting each other's opinion. The youths who went to Benin Airport last week practiced neither and ought to know better.The Senator was only doing his job and no matter how wrong we feel about his opinion or cause, violence is not the answer. Peaceful protest is better and will win you more support. Edo youths please take heed.

What will be wrong in this episode is not considering the details why the youths were so angry at the Edo State's PDP Senator, Matthew Urhoghide.

Senator Matthew Urhoghide seems guilty of under-estimating Nigerians understanding of the challenges President Buhari is facing. Senator Urhoghide seems to be representing a disgruntled brigade of Politicians who want to return Nigeria to "business as usual" and the old model of corruption. A model Nigerians are going through so much hardship to correct. Lastly, Senator Urhoghide tried to ignore the progress Nigeria is making in its fight against corruption under President Buhari. Progress which the youths know is decimating the corrupt elite of Nigeria who will stop at nothing in their attempt to derail it.

Senator Urhoghide scored an “own goal” with his lame excuse for impeachment.He tested the waters and got burned by the message from the youths at Benin airport last Friday. He will not do it again.

On Boko Haram and Herdsmen, these challenges have made Buhari’s presidency appear wanting. The truth is the above statistics of victims is simply not good enough, in fact it’s unacceptable! The Nigerian President must answer to the security issues plaguing our country and fast. However, comparing the count of Nigerians killed by corruption to those killed by the current menaces and its easy to see why Nigerians have put nothing else above the fight against corruption. Corruption is Nigeria's number 1 killer. Corruption in Nigeria has killed millions, displaced families, paralysed the economy and many believe its the real reason behind the Boko haram crisis engulfing the North of Nigeria.

Senator Urhoghide, please accept our apologies for the violence, but one thing you also need to accept is "Business as Usual" is over. Get over it and start looking for something legit to engage in after your tenure.

The Editor

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