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PVC, The Heartbreak That Awaits Nigerian Youths.

Permanent Voter’s Card (PVC): PVC is a voter’s register card that entitles you to vote in Nigeria. PVC’s are issued by the Independent National Electoral Commission of Nigeria (INEC). To be issued a PVC , you must be over 18 years, resident in Nigeria, present yourself at the registration center and are not subject to any incapacity to vote. If you satisfy all the above, your information including date of birth date, Photo and thumbprint are captured a by Direct Data Capture (DDC) system and you are issued a PVC. One would think that with all the security, penalties and offences attached to obtaining and using a PVC, Nigeria will be witnessing accurate election results. Maybe.

However, the PVC reality in Nigeria is very different. Since the introduction of PVCs, there has not been a free and fair election in Nigeria. The PVC has become an out-of- control corrupt system that Nigeria leaders continue to override at will and by force to arrive at the Election results they so desire. PVCs have left all Nigerian masses with bad memories anywhere they're used, and that is everywhere. From the Edo State 2016 Governorship Elections that got Godwin Obaseki into power, to last week’s local ward elections in Imo State that saw Governor Okorocha running to President Buhari’s Katsina home for help to overrule the result of an election where PVC was used.

So, what is wrong with the PVC? What has changed about the PVC that Nigerians seem to be banking their hopes of a renaissance on another forth coming PVC exercise? Why are we trusting this PVC system to return Nigeria to its greatness in 2019 and 2020 elections? Is the PVC able to solve Nigerian problems? The concept of PVC is good but in practise the system is abused.

We will find out over the next 7 days of “PVC heartbreak awaiting Nigerians” serialised by Edo Connect.

Lesson 1, PVC problems:

  • Missing Ballots Boxes

  • Non-Nigerian registering

  • Child/ Under age registration

  • Rigging officials

  • Bribery

  • Thuggery

  • INEC Official inaccuracies

  • State Police Protecting desired results

  • Mobile Police Protecting desired result

  • Result stands, winner declared

  • Another 4 years of darkness.

Has any of these problems being dealt with? See you in PVC lesson 2.

The Editor

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