• Dr Yusuf Adewale

Asoro The Great Benin Warrior

Asoro of Benin the great warrior. During the 1897 war by the British against Benin kingdom. Invaders were already in the city. Asoro drew a line at the entrance of the palace of Oba Ovorawem and said sokponoba meaning only the Oba can cross the line.

When the British troops attempted to enter the palace of Oba Ovorawem, Asoro started killing them he began stunning the British with native majic and mystical power, he killed hundreds of British soldiers. He started stricking down the invading army, 1 by 1 He was even shot by guns, rockets and cannons it did not penetrate him. ASORO FOUGHT LIKE A DEMON... the British were amazed how a human being could not be penetrated by guns, rockets and cannons. Asoro also protected the entire palace disappearing and appearing at different sites in the palace as a guardian of the palace. He was a brave warrior during that war. When Oba Ovorawem heard how he defended the palace Oba Ovorawem called him Gidigan. Asoro was the sword bearer to Oba Ovorawem, he was reported by some accounts to be a prince from Owo as tribute Given as a servant to the Oba palace. He was the bravest of all the soldiers during the Benin war of 1897. The British could not capture him so they went to locals of the area to find out his secret, a local native doctor betrayed asoro for money and revealed his secret to the invading troops after he was captured and skinned alive.

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