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PVC Power: Work Your PVC and Bring Power to This Side.

PERHAPS the most significant aspect of last week’s PVC series 1 & 2 was the exposure of how nobody in Nigeria is working their PVCs hard enough to swing the political pendulum to the side of the masses: the Nigerian people. It appears the Nigerian people are lacking the confidence to work without corruption instead they should be embracing the new dawn. The reason for this perceived lack of confidence is simple, the current political class in Nigeria are too tainted to inspire anybody. They’re the people who brought Nigeria to its knees with their corruption they are in positions of power claiming that they will change Nigeria. Saying they are no longer corrupt is the biggest falsehood in Nigeria today. Sadly, until these tainted criminals leave office the positive inspiration Nigeria needs will continue to be elusive. But working our PVC will ensure our voices are heard and will ensure we start steering this ship to a Nigeria we want to see.

Welcome to our lesson on how to work- your- Nigerian- PVC to see the change you are craving for in Nigeria.

There are 3 phases ton working the PVC but before we proceed let us remind ourselves why we are here. “We are here because we have realised that we vote for people to do what we want them to do and not what they want”. What is it we want them to do? This is our job and we have also realised that we have not been doing it. So, if we do not do our job then our politicians will continue failing at their job. We want to stop that.

Phase 1: Connect Your PVC

  • Look for what we need in Edo state.

  • Look at what we currently have to get what we need.

  • Look at why we are not doing it

  • Look at how addressing that need benefits the citizens of your state.

Phase 2: Connect Your Time to Your PVC

  • Organise yourselves.

  • There is no time for argument.

  • Start making sense of arguments on that need -Its becomes brain storming. Think tanks.

  • Have a leader in your group.

  • Don’t be scared or worried about what the project needs.

  • Infrastructural development is an investment.

  • Social development is an investment if you explain the advantages.

  • Research that need, sell it to others.

Phase 3: Promote the Idea

  • Promote the idea to the media.

  • Promote the idea to the Edo diaspora

  • Go on a campaign trail, use TV, radio, newspapers and internet.

  • Be visible to the public with what you want.

The result of the above is you will create awareness and have a following. This following will be visible with momentum. Fake PVC is invisible and nobody can see it. Anybody who wants to oppose this idea must go through the above process or they will be just noise makers. Phase 1 is hard but this is our job.

Your Strengths: The Edo diaspora.

The Edo diaspora will support you financially and morally to promote wonderful ideas that will be good for Edo youths. Promotion via seminars, universities, polytechnics, presentations, TV, radio, Facebook and even newspapers. Anywhere in Edo state. If you require expertise, they are also in the Edo diaspora. The Edo diaspora is the biggest strength of Edos and Edo state.

The Challenge:

Challenge the ruling government to support your ideas or do not vote for them. You have a following, let Edo people hear the voice of the youths. Challenge the Edo govt. to stop wasting your money on meaningless projects they cannot complete in their tenure. Meaningless projects that do not connect to the needs of Edos. The proof of waste is visible, fountains, uncompleted hospitals and The okpeke race to name a few.

Who you are now is somebody that will be making common sense. Promoting the needs of Edo State in this way will force the Govt to respond. In any case let them know that the PVCs in the state are in the hands of the majority who agree with you. Force them to make an argument.

Apply this process to any industry ranging from wild life conservation to sports, entertainment, fashion and everywhere. The result is the same, the government will listen to the people.

Finally you can see the party does not matter, what matters is we do our job, unite and we will get what we want. Any aspiring political candidate will need to respond to the voters demands if we work our PVCs in this way.

Direct examples will be made in our next publication on how to work your PVC. Feel free to consult the Edo diaspora with any questions regarding the above.


The Editor

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