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APC Slipping into Self-Destruct Mode.

APC seems to have totally ignored the restlessness in Nigeria. Restlessness that has come from the hardship witnessed by Nigerians under this administration. Restlessness since everything promised during the election has not happened. Jobs have not materialised, The fight against corruption is stagnant and the only change visible so far, is prices of essentials escalating through the roof. The rigidity of APC and its effects are being slowly exposed. The lack of short or medium-term solutions has become so obvious and with no guarantees for the long term, the Nigerian people are getting Jittery.

In Edo State half the people will tell you that the Governor is working, while the other half will ask you working on what? There is no food and no jobs. We have all been told that “Obaseki means farming”, and that is the only way forward, but for now there are only high prices and a chronic lack of information with regards to harvest time. At federal level the situation is almost the same. How can you be fighting corruption with no arrest?.

PDP, or any challenging party, do not have to do much at the moment as APC is in self -destruct mode characterised by open fighting, members decamping to PDP and more importantly no project completed that equates to food on the table.

Don’t get me wrong, deep down many believe APC means well in the long term, but its glaringly obvious that a failure to address the short-term is killing the long ambition. APC now appear too complacent, too comfortable and too dis-connected. It is Time for APC to pick up the speed and be more dynamic or they may be in for a surprise from the polling booth at the next polling election.

Watch the space.

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