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CDA Defies Oba Of Benin and Governor's Regulation

Former Oba of Benin daughter and police chased out of own land by CDA.

The daughter of Oba Erediauwa, the immediate demised Oba of Benin and sister to the current Oba took to social media to lament how the banned Community Development Association youths chased her and police officers that were to effect arrest out of her land even with the law enacted by the state house of assembly at the instance of governor Obaseki with the support of Oba Ewuare II.

Ewere Aibi Erediauwa is the sister to the current Oba of Benin.

If the daughter of a past Oba and a sister of the current Oba of Benin can be so humiliated by the proscribed CDA in Edo state in the presence of police, what fate holds for the common man in getting justice.

Government and its agencies should be seen implementing policies with all it worth so as to retain the confidence of the people they lead. Governor Obaseki needs to do something fast about this new trend as stories abound on activities of youths in communities after the enactment of the law banning such activities.

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