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Libya: Nigerians Beg For Freedom After 5 months in Captivity

Locked up with other travellers in a room in Libya, a man has reached out to the world for rescue.

A man in Libya has lamented not being able to leave the country in a video recorded on his phone.

He and a group of travellers are locked up in a room where they were assigned to share a toilet facility.

With faces covered, the footage showed him and others in a helpless state looking forward to their departure from the undesired place.

Having to drink water from a pipe located in a bathroom perhaps paints a clear picture of the poor living conditions in a mini flat he occupied with his company.

"Hello! People of the world.

"This is the 7th of July, 2018, and we are locked up here in the prison of Osama Zawiya, Libya.

"We have been here for five months now. They refused to deport us. We told them that we want to go back to Africa but they refused to deport us.

"They don't want us to go to Europe and they also don't want us to go back to our country.

"Here is the toilet, the bathroom that we bath. And here also is the water we are drinking. As you can see so many people here have skin disease and people are dying," the narrator cried out from a busy room.

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