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Swedish Businessman Kidnapped and Murdered in Edo State.

A promising Nigerian man has had his life ended in a most sad manner after returning to the country from Sweden.

A Nigerian man, Kester Ehiwe who reportedly came back to Nigeria from Sweden after over 30 years to invest has reportedly been killed on Monday, 2nd of July 2018.

He was reportedly kidnapped at his farm located in Akasa after Ekiadolo in Edo state by armed men and was later found dead on Saturday, 7th of July, 2018.

According to Oshevire Okotubu who shared the photos on Facebook, the late Mr. Kester Ehiwe and his manager popularly known as Pastor were abducted by eleven armed men in the forest of Ekasa village in Ovia northeast local government area of Edo state.

Mr Kester was to travel back to Sweden on Tuesday 3rd of July, before he was abducted on Monday 2nd of July along with his staff on his way from farm. Mr. Ehiwe was reportedly meant to pay his workers salaries and settle other things that needed to be settled before jetting out to Europe until his unfortunate abduction occurred.

One Shehu Usman who is alleged to be the kingpin and four others have been arrested and are cooling off in police detention and have allegedly made confessional statements in connection to the abduction and killing of late Mr Kester Ehiwe and his manager.

Reactions from the Edo Diaspora:

Edo people abroad are free to go home & invest in their father like any one else as it has always been announced & that Nigeria is secured. Mr Kester Ehiwe who lived in Sweden left wife children behind & return to Benin City with positive idea to invest in His Father Land for what will feed & yield employment to the Community Nigeria. At the beginning he bought acres of land for farming & employed a manager that employed other 8 or 10 staffs. On Monday ( 02nd July 2018), Mr Kester Ehiwe & his farm manager were kidnapped. The kidnappers demanded for N40,000000 which the family pledge to pay kidnappers N1,000000 which they were paid. Kidnappers still ask for more & also for Mr Kester Ehiwe to inform his twin sister to bring to with balance & his bank book cheque and to issue cheque to them ( kidnappers).

Kidnappers were paid N2,000.000 addition with the cheque issue.

Mr Lester Ehiwe left Nigeria to Sweden in the early eights to studied. Pls l wish this incident to reach our Edo Governor ( Gov. Obaseki) & the President ( Buhari) for justice to be done for late Mr Kester Ehiwe and family he left behind. Police at Ekiadolor are fully aware of this incident. This incident should not be hidden under carpet. It does not sound right for the children of Edo State to be continue to be slaughtered like animals; hearing this, it also create hugh fears on our children born aboard.

God will continue to have Peace as you share the message to reach Edo State Governor and from him to the President

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