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Nigeria: The Change has Truly Began.

SIMPLE FACT every politician in Nigeria over the last 30 years is a thief. Anyone holding public office at local government, ward or federal level is found wanting. The corrupt leaders have been re-cycling themselves for 30 years so that they now own Nigeria. They have grown very strong and are used to feeding Nigerians crumbs from their tables.

From within the so-called Nigerian elite, Buhari is the first one to admit that enough is enough. Nigerians worldwide are suffering untold horrors and hardship as a result of the actions of a few. Something must be done about it, but at what cost. Buhari came back, contested and won an election and is flushing out these powerful criminals.

Buhari is breaking that chain. It might be many years late but it’s never too late because if Nigeria did not have Buhari, let’s just say Nigeria would be finished. The Nigerian corrupt are so powerful and connected. 110 Nigerians were exposed in the Panama papers last year for stashing hundreds of billions of Dollars in Tax havens in the British Virgin Islands. The Senate President Bukola Saraki, The Central Bank Governor Godwin Emefiele, Jim Ovia, Dangote, David Mark, T.Y Danjuma, late ooni of ife Oba Okunade, Mike Adenuga, Abubakar Bello, Funso Kupolokun, Hakeem bello Osagie, Wale Tinubu and 100 more Nigerians were on that list. They own all Nigeria’s oil wells and natural resources and they are all still in Nigeria taking more. Most of the names above, like Abacha, will forfeit all the money in order to avoid international arrest and suffer the fate of Ibori.

Let’s go back slightly on Governance, Under Good luck Jonathan’s administration $20b dollars went missing in one transaction in NNPC. Look at what was perpetrated by Alison Madueke, billions stolen, N200 million by Barbacha to cut down bushes, The Country’s pension fund stolen by Maina, the IGP police fund of N10b monthly was embezzled, add employment scandals in Central Bank and the Federal inland revenue where they only employ their sons, daughters and relatives to major government positions. Include all Nigerian politicians have their wives and children going to the best schools and living the flashiest live styles in London, USA and Dubai. Not finished yet but in Nigeria, land, buildings and rent were paid for in USD amongst Nigerian politicians.

Let us look at the effect on Nigerians while these Cabals loot the Nation. Their activities have put Nigeria in serious debt and starvation is now killing the Nigerian masses.

  • over 100,000 Nigerians have lost their lives trying to cross the Mediterranean sea and dessert for a better life.

  • Many Nigerians have been killed in South Africa looking for a better life

  • Many Nigerians are slaves in Libya

  • Many Nigerians are suffering in Libya, Russia, Egypt, in search of a better life

  • Many Nigerians are prostitutes in Italy searching for a better life

  • Over 80 % of Nigerian children in Nigeria are uneducated

  • Over 95% of Nigerian graduates have no jobs.

  • Thousands of Nigerians are dying every day in Nigeria due to no healthcare

  • Thousands dying everyday due to starvation

  • Thousands of Nigerians are abroad for over 40 years just helping family in Nigeria survive.

  • Crime in Nigeria is very high because there is no way to live

  • What works in Nigeria? No electricity, no water.

If we kept statistics, over 2million Nigerians have met their deaths Worldwide due to the endless corruption of Nigerian leaders. The irony is they still hold key positions in Nigeria.

Buhari has come and they are doing their worse. They will put Boko Haram, herdsmen and everything in the way of anyone who dares try to stop them. They are defecting to various parties. The show has just begun. These cabals deserve no sympathy. They have played us by ethnicity and by whatever means have taken everything away from us.

Nigerians must be strong and stand with Buhari. It might get even worse before it gets better but we are on the right track, somebody must stop these cabals.

For Buhari to come to power he had to dance with the devil. It was a big risk but people like Oshiomhole and Rochas are the reason why Buhari is in power today or else there was no way to wrestle power from such a powerful cabal.

Today they can decamp, 15, 20, or 50 senators, or join any party but nobody will win 2019 except Buhari.

Whoever wants to win must tell us how they are going to tackle Nigeria’s problem like Buhari is doing. The western world wants Buhari to win so that Nigeria can move forward. They are tired of seeing Nigerians in immigration camps in Europe and USA, being sold as slaves in Libya, homeless in and dying due to corruption. We must fight this ourselves.

I am truly sorry for seeing these deaths in Nigeria now but it is the work of the rich and powerful cabals who feel Nigeria is theirs and want to keep the rest of us and our generations suffering till the end.

Enough is Enough. The western Countries are working with Buhari hence these cabals will not travel abroad for fear of being arrested internationally. I predict they will soon run out of their new political parties and face the masses who will not be as nice as Buhari. My guess is all of them will run into exile within the next 4 years or else, there might be war in Nigeria. Either way the Cabals are slowly eroding.

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