The Blaming of Ekiti People for Taking Money to Cast Their Vote.

It is easier said than done!! This was a governor who came to power on "stomach infrastructural promises and acted on that promises throughout his impunity rule.

What do you expect the good people of Ekiti to do?

* when their salaries were not paid,

* when there are no decent schools and teachers to teach the children of Ekiti State;

* when there are no roads or infrastructural projects and development in the State;

* when there are no accountability and transparency in the ways finances of the State are managed;

* When things are being done with impunity with no regards to the rule of law;

* When things are being run like "anything goes".

* when there are employment policies in place to engage our youths and cater for the unemployed people,

* when there are no incentive for Farmers to farm nor good roads to the farms; etc.

..So don't blame the good people of Ekiti State; blame the rascal/impunity Governor Ayodele Peter Fayose for all the mess he has created and done in the State. His only pedigree of note is to abuse his political elders and our elected President and to squander money that belongs to Ekiti people on things that of nonentity and with no values to the good people of Ekiti State.

...The good people of Ekiti State did the right thing: Collect any free money offered them and still vote with their conscience for the good things that will now come and that can also last!

My 🏿 up them for taking the money that doesn't belong to Gov Fayose but for them. I call them WISE and INTELLIGENT PEOPLE OF EKITI STATE !!!!!!

....One love without prejudice, PEO

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