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Obaseki: No Shaking , Except He is Only Talking to Market Women and Drivers.

Two days ago we saw a bullish response from Governor Obaseki to Tony Kabaka and the rest of the APC complainants. It was impressive. He told the congregation of the Market Women Association and the National Union of Road Transport Workers(NURTW) that he is only thinking about them and not Tony Kabaka or the other APC disgrunts. The Governor scored an “own Goal” by mentioning the Oba of Benin supporting him. That is uncalled for. The Oba of Benin is for the people and not for Obaseki or APC.

On a positive note, we are extremely elated that after long criticisms of Governor Obaseki sending Baby Crusoe Osagie to put out statements on any ills in Edo State, the Governor has finally started speaking. So the issue with Tony Kabaka and APC is a shameful episode. We all know you used Kabaka to further your political purpose, why now are you calling all of us into it? Is Kabaka right to challenge the Governor? Only the Governor knows because wheNtwo of you were meeting, none of us were there. Edos are happy that the people of Benin doing transporting and marketing are selling more comfortably.

But let’s be honest, not to play down Market unions and road transport workers but Edos want to move on from these old job tags of market women and transport workers. Edos now want better job opportunities. In 2018 you cannot score points talking to transport workers and marketing women, you can by talking to the youths. You can by talking to the Edo diaspora. Edo needs modern jobs to change our narrative. Does the Governor’s wife and friends not work in Lagos? Are they in the market or motor park? Let’s wake him up.

Obaseki also addressed the fact that he is still working on his industrial park and Gelegele. The Governor conveniently forgot to update us on the progress of over 50 committees he has set up in Edo state over the last 20 months. Why for almost 2 years there are no jobs in Edo state and we are still waiting for you. Tell us why you do not support the Edo diaspora to liberate Edo state even when Edo clearly is in need of an intervention. Why are you bringing non- Edos from the diaspora and within Nigeria to work in Edo state when we can do the jobs and be the investors. If you are going to start speaking, let’s talk about the things that matter.

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