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UK: 1st Case of Unexplained Wealth Order, No Names Released Yet but He Comes From Outside Europe. Wh

A “FAT CAT international banker” whose school-age daughter had $20 million of shares is claiming he was wrongly targeted with a landmark new law designed to stop dirty money flowing into London, the High Court heard today.

The man, referred to only as “Mr A”, is under scrutiny via an unexplained wealth order over the purchase of two multi-million-pound properties, including one in London.

The court heard the National Crime Agency had claimed he was a civil servant in a state-owned bank who would not have earned enough to buy such expensive properties. But his barrister, James Lewis QC, said the NCA’s case was based on a flawed interpretation of the new law, and on newspaper cuttings about Mr A’s conviction for fraud during a “Kafka-esque” overseas trial which had been conducted in “flagrant” breach of international standards of justice.

Mr Lewis said the NCA was wrong to characterise Mr A as a civil servant when he had, in fact, been a successful commercial banker who attended highlevel summits. The barrister added: “He was a fat cat international banker... who went to Davos as part of his activities.” The court heard evidence of the wealth of Mr A, who comes from outside Europe, was submitted to the Home Office a decade ago during an application for a Tier 1 investor visa. This had shown his net worth then was £72.5 million.

The application showed his daughter, who was at school in London, had shares worth $20 million with annual dividend earnings of $1.3 million. This showed he was far from the modestly paid civil servant portrayed by the NCA, the court heard. Today’s hearing is the first case relating to an unexplained wealth order since new legislation came into effect this year. One order was issued against the man’s wife, the other applies to a trust alleged to own another property.

Editors Comment: The net is closing in on the Nigerian corrupt elite stashing our common wealth in the West. There is no where to hide. They do not travel to London and America anymore because they do not know who has a warrant for questioning or their arrest.

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