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Nowhere to Hide for Nigerian Political Looters and Their Families.

The World is now closing in on the so-called Nigerian political cabals that have looted Nigeria to its knees over the last 30 years. All of Nigeria’s resources including oil wells, mining fields and anything of value in Nigeria have been in the hands of a few Nigerians and their families for over 30 years. The reality is that whilst Nigeria as a Country has had its independence for 55 years, for over 30 years of those years, almost 85% of its active population have been displaced in search of a better life elsewhere and the rest of Nigeria’s population who still live in Nigeria have been living below the poverty threshold, as slaves.

What has now changed? Why is the world closing in on the Nigerians who have perpetuated this on their own people? Well the answer is there are a number of factors but the main driver is immigration!

Immigration from Africa has put a strain on Europe’s services, way of life and identity. African Migrants are ready to die trying out journey impossibilities just to get out of Nigeria to Europe as has been seen in Libyan deserts and rubber boats crossing the Mediterranean Sea. Immigration camps and centres across Europe are overstretched. The western governments in power are losing grip because the people have had enough. No prizes for guessing that Brexit, Donald Trump’s election and the far-right victories across Europe and America are all down to immigration. Their leaders have heard the message and action has followed. They looked into the causes of this pattern of immigration, in Nigeria’s case, there are untold millions of economic migrants who are only fleeing their home because of their corrupt leaders who have become so powerful.

New stricter laws are now in place in the western financial and corporate institutions accompanied by profound consequences for those who dare to break or manipulate them. Lawyers and accountants in the West who have been helping the corrupt leaders in Nigeria siphon the nation’s wealth abroad are now raided, investigated and punished. Up next are the culprints who have done this to their own people. The punishment will range from huge fines (Oando $680m), possession orders and imprisonment( James ibori and Alison Madueke) but either way this is a slow process of mental torture . It’s a slow burner.

The final piece in the jigsaw in the fight against corruption that is threatening the western way of life, is having a president in the source Country who is strong enough to fight corruption internally. In Nigeria we now has Buhari.

The effects of the 3 actions above is why we are seeing the political turmoil presently in Nigeria.

Nigerians should not underestimate the progress being made Worldwide to return our Nation to sanity. We can be here all night talking about the changes. What is now becoming quite common in the diaspora is the children of Nigerian politicians now know that their parents are “Thieves” and not successful people. Know that their parents are directly responsible for the deaths and sufferings of millions of Nigerians worldwide. Know that their parents are the human ritualist and murderers in Nigeria like the senate president. They now realise that their expensive university private degrees will get them no-where for it is covered in the blood of the innocent Nigerians. These children are currently in hiding and walking in shame. They are no longer 1st class or private jet flyers, Harrods shoppers or champagne poppers, They are quietly waiting the day investigators will knock on their doors to change everything because there is a trail of all transactions in the west going back to 75 years if needed.

How Nigerian Looters are Feeling The Heat?

Unable to travel: Nigerian politicians leaders are scared to fly out of Nigeria. They could be detained like Alison Madueke, lose everything and still get prison time.

Unexplained wealth Order has kicked in: They don’t know if they are wanted by the authorities or if there is a warrant out for their arrest

Turmoil in Nigeria: President Buhari is the only one that can clear their source of wealth and he is not interested. He is using EFCC on them

The list goes on but the summary of this piece is to update Nigerians that the fight against corruption is working and that the people responsible for it will pay. There are many in the west who believe Boko Haram and Herdsmen’s crisis are a result of these powerfully corrupt Nigerians. They are hoping we are not fooled into making wrong choices that will take us back to the beginning. So take this as an update to help you make up your mind in 2019.

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