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Edo Connect Introduces Mr. Uyi Okundaye To Edos Worldwide and The Good People of Egor.

Edo Connect was set up two years ago to project all things good about Edos Worldwide. Our primary objective was to improve unity and end product amongst Edos by improving communication amongst ourselves. From the onset Uyi Okundaye has stood out, he has supported all our causes, and I am also aware, Edo Connect is not the only good Edo cause he supports Worldwide. Uyi is everywhere Edos need Edos. He is not a rich man nor is he the richest Edo man, He is simply a good trust worthy, stand-up Edo man with true Edo blood flowing through his veins. Right through the UK celebration of the Coronation of Oba Ewuare II to The Edo Libya Returnees Fundraiser, Mr Okundaye has being prominent. I am jubilant for the people of Egor local govt because that constituency now has the opportunity to get itself “one of the good guys”.

If Edo Connect made Politicians then Uyi would be our prime product- An Edo candidate with the betterment of Edo people in his heart. Young, dynamic, hardworking, straight talking, connected and always helpful. People of Egor make sure you vote for the right candidate at this local election.

Read about Mr Uyi Okundaye below and see why the youths and people of Egor local Government should be happy about this candidate. To Edos in diaspora let us sow our seed in this candidate and throw our support behind him.

Do feel free to contact us with any questions for Mr Uyi Okundaye.

Thank you.

The Editor.

ABOUT Mr Uyi Okundaye- Your Perspective Candidate for Edo state House of Assembly.

Uyi Okundaye comes from a hard- working lineage; the son of Mr John Okundaye a retired accountant from Egbe Ivbiuhe of Ibiwe quarters and Late Mrs Ebun Ayisatu Ehi Okundaye nee Lawal of the Ologbosere family.

Born in the borough of Lambeth, London, Mr Uyi Okundaye is truly a son of the Edo soil with deep roots in Bini heritage and association.

His formative education started at Emotan primary school from 1979 to 1985, moving on to Edo College (ECOBA) from 1985 to 1991 before departing to the United Kingdom. He obtained a BA Degree in Politics and Contemporary History from the University of Salford. He attended Falkirk College of Technology, Scotland, where he obtained a National Certificate in Business Studies, he also holds a training and teaching qualification as well as a Diploma in Leadership for health and social care.

Mr Okundaye has worked in different capacity with the UK civil service for 7yrs. During which he attained the importance of committed public service delivery, investing in people and putting the public at the centre piece of administrative governance. He has worked in the pharmaceutical industry and Quasi Non- Governmental organisation where he had extensive outreach with people with different political and religious views. He has worked closely with the immigrant communities; refugees and asylum seekers from mostly African and Asian countries in particular, he has also extended his resources to assist refuges to settle in the UK via training and facilitating English classes and vocational workshops.

Mr Okundaye was an active member of the UK Labour party but ceased his membership because of his opposition to the war in Iraq in 2003. He currently works for himself as an independent health care training consultant. The vast majority of his clientele are Nigerians, especially from his beloved Edo state. In line with his commitment to public service and giving back, he currently assists members of the African Diaspora and has assisted many of them into gaining full employment.

Mr. Okundaye is a committed, loving husband and father. He has been married to the love of his life for 16 years, and they are both blessed with two sons, Osasuyi and Iyare Okundaye.

Mrs Julie Okundaye was born in Staffordshire, UK. She is a successful IT Project Consultant. She attained a Bsc from the University of Salford in Information Technology and an MBA from the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland

Mr. Okundaye shares an intense passion for football, the defunct New Nigeria Bank of Benin was the first football team he fell in love with and Arsenal FC is current club of choice.

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