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Democracy! Time for Buhari to Put Sanctions on Our Corrupt Leaders.

The Chinese execute more criminals than anywhere else on Earth and have killed government officials caught in corruption scandals. Last year, Xu Maiyong, a former vice-mayor of Hangzhou and Jiang Renjie, who was vice -mayor of Suzhou, were put to death after their appeals on bribery and embezzlement charges were rejected.

Yesterday, Donald Trump released a statement that anyone doing business with Iran will NOT be doing business with the United States. BA, Debenhams and British American Tobacco are among UK companies that exported £262 million of goods and services to Iran. The Foreign Office Minister for the USA, Mr Burt, said they faced powerful sanctions should they carry on. Company directors who do not comply will have their visas refused and have US properties and bank accounts frozen.

In Nigeria we are hearing to all these cries of fowl democracy. What democracy? The democracy that enabled politicians to loot Nigeria with impunity! The democracy that allows the house of assembly members, Governors, ministers and up to local chairmen to pay approximately £30,000 per child for yearly school fees in London with Nigeria’s money. The democracy that has enabled the grand children of serving Nigerian civil servants to own houses overseas even before they can talk. What democracy? The only democracy the Nigerian citizen receives from their leaders is the privilege of having over 2million Nigerians dead in the seas and deserts, over 100 million Nigerians uneducated, no healthcare, no jobs, no roads, no electricity, no life.

I cringingly watched senator Ben Bruce on Television yesterday calling on the United States, the UK, the EU and Canada to come and see what Buhari is doing to them. They are prevented from entering the house of assembly!!! Is Senator Bruce not ashamed each time thousands of Nigerian dead bodies are pulled out of the Mediterranean, thousands thrown in prisons and immigration camps, thousands of graduates arrested in Nigeria as criminals, the mothers with no food, the children with no hope, the fathers with no jobs. Is senator Bruce not aware that the cause of these ills are his friends in the House of assembly and beyond.

All the Senators, Governors, ministers etc have failed Nigeria. 99% of APC and PDP leadership have wrecked Nigeria. All they have done is stolen and want to continue doing so.

It is about time President Buhari increased the pressure on our corrupt politicians. We need to see change. We give our corrupt elite 30 days to declare their assets worldwide, to bring all their families (wives and children) into Nigerian institutions, return all they have stolen. If not then Buhari must visit them with the Chinese or US methods listed above.

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