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EDO STATE: Edo Government Cannot Support Edo Child Who Came 3rd in Jamb in Nigeria.

Only Edo state a child will come out overall 3rd best in the country JAMB, instead of Government to encourage that child by giving scholarship, the government is sending commendation letter, to do what if I may ask?

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Osayande: They are ready to give the youths money to go to Ekiti state.Like

Fredy: My dear you are right. You initially said Nigeria isn't a country to raise children

Amb Stephen: The man think say Na interview he write to become governor. Stingy fellow

Ehixx: Not their kid why should they give.. hisssss

Irene: That is good at least they send a commendation letter what if nothing at all

Omoniyi Bright True

Edo Connect appeals to every Edo individual and Community in the diaspora to support Alikah Oseghale with a scholarship to further her education. Do contact us at info@edoconnect.com to support Alikah. She has made Edo proud.

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