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UK Nollywood: Building It's Own Brand

Some UK Nollywwod producers believe UK based actors are bad. Based on this unfounded belief they do not promote any UK artist.

This led to actors willing to showcase their talents producing their own films. The downside to this originally was poorly produced films due to inexperience. That has since changed. From "2nd Wife", "Shameful Deceit", "Murderer-in-Law" to "Tears of the Rich" , "Why Marry" and the phenomenal "Wives of London" . UK talents has raised their game, and they greatly support "Made in UK by UK artist" movies.

Some producers however fail to differentiate popular actors from good actors. Most UK artist are not popular, this deos not mean they are not very good actors. Some inexperienced producers have issues with mis-casting, but thats a universal issue.

UK Nollywood is growing with our actors and the audience recognising and promoting our work. Recently a UK movie with UK stars "Broadway" was premiered the same day with a movie shot in the UK "Accidental Spy" also also with "A" List stars including AY and Ramsey Noah. Broadway movie was sold-out, Accidental spy did not sold too few tickets they had to cancel the event. UK Nollywood is growing because of the hard work and tenacity of some of the actors and producers. We also have a unique market. We will continue to promote our work and our stars.

As strange as it seems, the UK Nollywood Producers guild, are not even interested in promoting local talent. This is not suprising because most in leadership position within the guild, do not give lead roles to UK artist. The UK Nollywood actors guild on the other hand that represents the interests of UK actors are too disorganised and lack vision to create any impact.

So it is left to individuals like Tolulope Yesufu , Tiya Mag Ruke O. AmataRhoda Wilson, Bridget Benjamin Princess Rita Akpojotor Vera B Pride Dolly Unachukwu Toyin Moore Helen Gold Osabutey Neli Kings Mazi Obi OkoliFunmi Awolo Jolly Jones Hoko to name a few to promote UK Nollywood

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