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2019? Nigeria's Future is Too Far

International communities have warned severally that if Nigeria does not take care, its democracy will be truncated and it might become a divided nation come 2019. The reason is several issues of corruption. To battle corruption is a war against the good, the bad and the ugly. So many things will have to be done to stop it simply because 99.8% are corrupt and unrepentant, so it is either they have their way in 2019 or nothing.

We must be realists to see this from a positive point. Yes, the cry for Biafra is a cry too long but tell me for what good reason, still corruption undertone. Also in different parts of the country nobody hears about the MEND group anymore, it's now Fulani herdsmen, Boko haram, all has political undertone.

The Legislative arm of government which is the epitome of democracy is the latest of all the many issues. A bunch of rogues and rascals who believe that without them nothing can happen. Various committees in the legislative sector wants things done their way or nothing done. How many of them truly represent their constituency and bring positive development to the people? What does the state governor who swore on oath to protect lives and property of its states citizens do with their monthly security votes? If you must know security votes is why most governors disagree with their senators, over sharing or not sharing all the state security votes which is unaccounted for by the state governors. It's indeed a pity to Nigeria.

Nigeria democracy is very dicey because it lacks the rule of law. The rule of law MUST work and that is what guides the citizens of any developed nation. Do you think that quarter of the crimes committed in only one US state happens in Nigeria? the answer is NO, because the rule of law holds every citizen accountable for their actions. People in civilized countries know the penalty of any crime or disorder is justice and jail. With tailored governance, nobody is told but it is embodied and instilled from elementary school so people can make choices of what they want, to be orderly or the society keeps them where they belong. At least that way it keeps both big and small on check so nobody becomes above the law.

Until Nigeria instils and implement the right rules of law, nothing will change. When these right processes are being delivered so many corrupt heads see it as Dracula governance, they see it as no longer democracy. Does democracy mean, breaking down rule of laws?

I cry for Nigeria because it's a future too far......

It might interest you to know that I am not a politician but keenly observe the Nigerian political train always. Some might share in school of thought but several disagree because they are shying away from the obvious truth which is why I foresee more problems ahead.

It is a projected statement when the President in his inauguration speech said, " I belong to everyone and I am not for anyone" and that he is not for any political party" But what about the rest of the team players do they share in such a view and dream? The answer is no. Our parents had the slogan " e go better " as we were growing up, we said the same and now our children are saying the same slogan. So when will it ever get better in Nigeria?

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