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Full List of Edo APC Politicians Decamping to PDP

More accurate details of the political tsunami hitting Edo State is begining to emerge.

The underlisted :

Chief Osamede Adun

Hon. A.H Omagbon

Hon. Osamudiamen Edekeze

Arch. Shettima Yusuf

Com. Ikonomwan Francis

Mrs. Aina Adedeji

Mr. Sam Atoe

Mrs. Iyobo Osague

Mrs. Omose Ekhorutomwen

Hon. Osaretin Osunde

are some of the leaders of the Kwakwasiyya Political Movement in APC, Edo State that resigned their membership yesterday.

They left with their members across the state.

Our attention was drawn to Some names that were inadvertently included as leaders of the movement but we can confirm that the list above represents accurately the leadership of Kwakwasiyya movement.

More resignations from APC Edo loading as supporters of the other presidential aspirants and former APC leaders who recently dropped the smelly broom for the comfort of the umbrella have reached advanced stages.

Watch this space.

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