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Matters Arising: Buhari is Not Enjoying His London Vacation

Since President Muhammadu Buhari landed in London for his 10 vacation, Nigerians have not allowed the man rest. With placards and microphones they lay siege in front of Abuja house chanting on top of their voices. "Buhari go back home, use the health facilities which you have condemned ordinary Nigerians to."

So, like two days ago, Buhari calls the police on them. About 10 policemen were dispatched to Abuja house London. On reaching there, trained in community policing the local police started conversation with protesters, by the time they showed them photos of healthcare facilities in Nigeria, remain small make police join protest. *In other words the Police did not harrass, shoot at, tear gas, push or anything else at the protesters. All they required is that they do so peacefully.*

Well, sai baba was not happy at all. He jumped in a tinted van and left Abuja house for them.

I just dey curious, when will the APC led government realize that the citizens of the Federal Republic of Nigeria have had enough. That with their backs against the wall the only way out is to fight or die trying.

History knows that the heads of tyrants must fall by the hands of the commoners and peasants. It is they who fight for a better life against the hardship burdened on them.

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