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No Crops, No Harvest, No Jobs: Godwin Obaseki Should Decamp!

The era of APC is seriously shaken by recent events across Nigeria. The chief instigator of APC’s current woes is a known quantity to Edos, Adams Oshiomhole. Mr Oshiomhole has a very colourful track record in Edo State but his last act of ensuring we are stuck to him by the umbilicord cord is to install Godwin Obaseki as Governor, with a parting shot that he has liberated Edos from Godfatherism and Obaseki will now liberate us from poverty.

As governor of Edo state, 20 months and counting, Obaseki promised to farm us to agricultural paradise, create 200,000 jobs and make one million Edo millionaires in his first year in office. Fast forward to today, Obaseki is complaining that he has no money to work with because he is servicing the debts left by Adams Oshiomhole’s administration. How possible? The same Godwin Obaseki was Chairman of the Edo State Economic and Strategy team under Oshiomhole for 7 years before he was installed as Governor, did he not know there were debts? Is this perhaps the reason why Oshiomhole was so persistent in Obaseki becoming his successor, to cover these debts?

For now, our sole concern, considering the state of APC in Nigeria, is whether Godwin Obaseki can make good on his promises to Edo people. The Edo public have been treated to over 200 pictures of so-called foreign investors who have visited Obaseki as Governor of Edo state. Have they not brought any money? Have they not put any investment money down? Saying you are servicing debts after 20 months of hardship to the common Edo man is not the news we have come to hear.

Remember from the onset all Obaseki wanted to do was force people to farm. He refused to be flexible, he refused all options, he refused the Edo diaspora who had other ideas that could give more options to the Edo citizens at a time like this. He said farming only. With party leaders now abandoning APC in Edo state Obaseki has come unstuck. He is awaiting Oshiomhole for who he has just aired out, who is now public enemy number 1 in Nigeria, to come and resolve the crisis. It’s no surprise Oshiomhole has postponed his visit to Benin- City indefinitely, given what Godwin Obaseki has said about him.

The scenarios are now simple. There is a real danger of Godwin Obaseki becoming known as a “failure” if he cannot deliver 200,000 jobs fast or call the EFCC on Oshiomhole. These options seem harder leaving him with the only realistic option of decamping to PDP, either way he is out, come 2020.

The real losers here are Edo people who were strung along by Obaseki’s idea of farming, and for them, we do not want him to lose. However, his options have just become very narrow.

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