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Technocrat Lies, Failures and Edo People. God Knows there is no-win in this “Godwin”

One assumes Governor Godwin Obaseki is begging God to forgive him for delivering nothing to Edo state and Edo people at half-term of his tenure, which is due in 14weeks time, 12th November 2018 to be precise, Edo State will be 2 years under the stewardship of Gov. Godwin Obaseki.

Edos have found life ten times harder under Godwin Obaseki than at the same half term stage under Oshiomhole and previous Edo governments. Unless Edos can get rid of Godwin Obaseki, Edo State is static, directionless, clueless, Dead!

Official figures show that thousands of Edos in diaspora across the UK, Europe and USA did not come home this summer as compared with previous years. Huge sums of pounds, dollars and euros were spent on various holiday destinations across Europe that value Edo patronage.

With thousands of APC members decamping in Edo state, coupled with the dark gloom accompanying most actions by the Governor, the Edo diaspora which has long been the main survival of the average Edo family are beginning to back slide. This will hurt Edo state more than it will hurt the Edo diaspora.

This is why we at Edo Connect cannot support Governor Obaseki, a blatant liar obsessed with deceiving the Edo under privileged in the guise of “Technocracy”.

The feeling that Edos would have been better served by Ize-Iyamu has become evident by the drove of decampees to PDP. You have failed on all your election promises, and failed on everything else you forgot to include in your promises.

We say to you Gov. Obaseki, do not say APC Edo State is fighting corruption because you are corruption. We will continue to drive home the message there is no fear in voting you out in the 2020. This wake and see, broom sweeping, investor picture gallery, committee obsessed trick show has to stop. So please keep praying Gov. Obaseki that divine intervention is coming in 2020 and it is waiting for you in Texas, not Edo state. Go back to your day job as it is clear “There is no-win in this Godwin”.

Next Governor please

19 months in Edo State:

  • Centre for Community development affiliated to Uniben CLOSED (workers displaced).

  • Edo State Staff Training Centre CLOSED (workers displaced).

  • College of Agriculture, Iguorakhi CLOSED(workers and students displaced)

  • Tayo Akpata University (No more admission, Staff not paid for 8 months, closure looming).

  • ICE, Institute of Continuing Education, Benin-city, CLOSED (Teachers and Workers displaced).

  • Edo Line CLOSED.

  • Rad Contracts awarded in 2017 for Ugbor-Amagba road and Textile mill road not started because of no mobilisation.

  • CDAs still operating in Benin-city

  • Sobe Farm, the farming flagship Project. N2BN spent, no update, no employment, no continuity.

  • Last week’s announcement that C of O is now N50,000 has been denied by the ministry of lands and survey, Edo state.

Edoboy from London

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