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Finally, No Propaganda, Oshiomhole’s Iyahmo Paradise is Real.

For over a year, Edos have been seeing 3d images of a purported paradise in Iyahmo built from Edo public funds, as a personal home by the ex-governor of Edo state, Adams Oshiomhole.

This same Oshiomhole is currently the APC National Chairman and these days can be seen frequently jumping around in Abuja accusing people of corruption. He claims others in the Senate are corrupt and he is screaming that Nigerians deserve better than his colleagues.

What we have learnt from the above video is that we can stop such monumental wastage and theft of our commonwealth. Henceforth across Edo state and Nigeria, including villages, should anyone see one of these multi-million/ billion-naira complexes, buildings, hotels or otherwise being erected, we should take pictures and videos, and circulate them. It is time to start querying its ownership and the source of funds. We should not wait for the buildings to be completed. Civil servants, governors, ministers and their covers must be STOPPED from killing our futures for their personal benefits.

According to the underground report carried out by 9newsng.com, this Iyahmo mansion, complex or paradise is solar power driven, has a manmade artificial lake, a roof top swimming pool, a standard swimming pool and all sorts of extras and is estimated to have cost N10Bn.

With N10Bn, 50% of Edo youths who died to Libya would still be alive in Edo State and have good futures to look up to. Edo state has no money, schools are delipidated, no jobs for the youths and workers’ salaries are never paid. We see why every day and yet we still do nothing, this is why they won’t stop.

The truth about the Iyahmo mansion is Oshiomhole may never even stay there eventually (Like lucky Igbinedion’s Ugbor road mega city), but such practices must be stopped.

Gov. Obaseki’s position in Edo state is becoming increasingly untenable every day because he cannot do anything about the Iyanmo Paradise because Oshiomhole put him in office. Can Governor Obaseki confirm if he has not been to this Iyahmo paradise before? I doubt it. Sadly, I believe nothing will happen to Oshiomhole because Obaseki dare not ask him a question, it’s that simple.

As for Edos and Nigerians, until we fight to change it, there will be many more exposures without action and many Political thieves walking around with impunity protected by State bodyguards. This Oshiomole story of an ex labour leader harbouring dreams of becoming a “looter supreme” has just become real. It’s business as usual. The observers say this is what we deserve in Nigeria when we worship criminals, although I have a feeling all that is about to change

See the real video on www.9newsng.com

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