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ADC: Teresa May and World Leaders Did Not Visit Nigeria to Endorse Buhari's Performance.

The Organizing Secretary and Director of Contact and Mobilization, African Democratic Congress, ADC, in Edo State, Matthew Edaghese has revealed the actual reasons British Prime Minister, Theresa May and other World leaders are visiting the country.

The Edaghese said President Muhammadu Buhari should not take the visit of the world leaders as an endorsement of his performance and a guarantee of winning the 2019 presidential election.

“We cannot, in the midst of all those negative verdicts against Buhari by international bodies, be laying claim to him being popular,” he told reporters in Benin.

“Their visits should be seen as a visit to the Nigerian people and the nation and not to Buhari because the world economic order is the motivating factor.

“The British are working towards their Brexit, they need market for their goods. Should they exit the EU, with America indulging in trade war with China and other world powers, they are renegotiating their trade agreement.

“So, coming to Nigeria to shop for economic opportunity should not be mistaken for Buhari being popular in the international community; that is far from it.

“Their opinion on Buhari is not hidden. Theresa May, one of the major international visitors who came to Nigeria, said the country has become poorer under Buhari’s leadership.

“She lamented the high level of poverty among Nigerians. She pointed out that as many as 90 million Nigerians are living below poverty level. That could not have passed for an endorsement. That was an outright condemnation of a very appalling situation that Buhari has bestowed upon us through a leadership that is obviously lacking in direction.”

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