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Kemi Adeosun, The Fake and Crying Over-privileged.

It does not get any more corrupt, but who interviewed Kemi Adeosun for the position of Nigeria's finance minister? How many people were interviewed? Where was it advertised? What country, what date was the interview held? The most ignorant story of the week, vacuous, idiotic, moronic, I would go that far because I want to know, what is Kemi Adeosun making headlines for?

Proving she is a chip of the corrupt block, Kemi Adeosun in a Nigerian elite, the children and family members of the historically corrupt Nigerian leaders, when grown up, occupy all the influential internal and international positions within and outside Nigeria. Kemi Adeosun was simply enjoying a family favour, this time in the way of it the position of "Finance Minister of Nigeria".

She is painted as an investment banker in London before this juicy appointment in Abuja. Oh spare me the whitewash details, does the Nigerian government know how many hard working Nigerians occupy influential positions in the Western World at the moment, ready to be interviewed for noble Nigerian vacancies.

There's nothing noble about Mrs Adeosun's resignation or the appointment of her successor, Zainab Ahmed. These are political favours with total disregard for Nigerian citizens, hardworking, clever or otherwise.

Who is Kemi Adeosun's family? How many Nigerians in London can afford to be investment bankers at 30 years old? These are the questions that her publicized resignation has thrown up.

Making the unusual move of resigning will not dispel any doubts about the true identity of Kemi Adeosun. She will be given another great position very very soon. Her replacement Zainab Ahmed is also cut from the same tree.

When will Nigeria start to decontaminate its federal structure including making appointments fairer, at least to some degree than merely giving it to their children?

How much money Mrs Adeosun resigned with is comfortably kept out of the news. She was caught, afterwards, she proudly resigns. Close of matter. What a load of nonsense.

Edo boy from London

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