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Gov. Obaseki, there is no Excuse for Sleeping on Duty.

One of the most embarrassing things in life is being caught red handed. Taking meat from the pot without permission, a drink from the fridge or wearing your senior brother’s new shoes to a party without his permission and seeing him there, we have all been there. Red-handed is embarrassing and accompanied with the priceless look of guilt on your face. The pictures revealed this week of Godwin Obaseki in New York sleeping during the UN Security Council meeting should have been just that, a moment of embarrassment. Laugh and forget.

Waking up to the special adviser to the Governor on Media, Mr Crusoe Osagie, attacking everyone who shared the picture of the Governor sleeping as “smear campaigners and disparagers” has given the episode a different twist.

Mr Osagie is so desperate to impress and in the process has lost his sense of humour. The “desperate fabrication” of stories as to why Godwin fell asleep were all unnecessary. Publishing the Governor’s programmes of the last month, promises and achievements, re-assuring the Edo public that the Governor will not sleep again is "cheap". Placing images of other world leaders who have fell asleep at some point and making comparisons to obaseki is "just desperate".

“The New York Sleeping gate” is quite entertaining. It comes at a time when Gov. Obaseki is trying to put his foot down on many practices in Edo state. Talking about the security operators, teachers, youths and everybody, so it’s interesting to find that the Governor is also human. Someone jokingly suggested to us that maybe the UN Council were not talking about finance or sharing at the time hence the Godwin was disinterested. All jokes.

The Governor’s office has not commented and neither has the gov. What they should do now is take necessary steps to ensure our governor is not caught sleeping again. Gov. Obaseki should continue to work and remain committed to trying to provide the best for Edo people. Cruzoe Osagie on the other hand should take a chill pill and liven up! Its time to wake up to other challenges and wasteful to spend time on this.

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