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Emperor Adams Has no Clothes-It’s Time to Stop Fooling Us all on 200,000 Jobs

Godwin Obaseki’s government has spent the past 18 months chasing Cows, Melu-Melus.

It has squandered time and forfeited the goodwill of the Edo public pursuing the fantasy projects that may not see the light of day in his tenure.

After the events of last month (Adams Oshiomhole exposed by Buba Galadima, World bank scoring Edo high, environmental challenges in Edo State, Godwin's 25km road contract award, pardon for Prof. Alli, etc) with all due respect these are things were also said by previous administrations, it should now be clear to even the slowest learner that Obaseki’s promise of 200,000 jobs is not going to happen.

I share the widespread indignation on the poverty brought upon Edo people by Godwin Obaseki’s government. But Edo people’s ability to cope was utterly predictable. It may be unreasonable, it may be unfair but other politicians have consistently done it to Edos and they are not going to stop exploiting Edo people until the people do something about it.

Godwin Obaseki is now offering to “Tarr road” like every other politician and this will take years to complete, like every other Government. Governor, either you tell us how close we are to the 200, 000 jobs or forget it. You have failed. Edos voted for the jobs and industrialization and we want to know how close we are to that.

Going forward I have concluded that Edo people should aim to draw up a list of what they what and what they see is possible in Edo state to prevent another man like Godwin Obaseki, Adams Oshiomhole or whoever coming forward and offering what they think the people want.

Even the most resolute of Obaseki’s supporters will admit he cannot deliver the 200,000 jobs and industries he promised in the remaining 2 years of his tenure.

Edos need a different way of governance, one that will give the people more control, one that will allow Edos to avoid the humiliation of governments that cannot do the basic things but promises to do the complex ones.

Emperor Adams has no clothes, but its Godwin

Obaseki who is naked.

Edo Boy

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