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Troubling Tale of Corruption and Power in Nigeria Given a New Meaning by Adams Oshiomhole.

Measure for measure, Buhari is possibly the cleanest President that has ruled Nigeria. He may not be the brightest nor is he a fast English speaker or a liberal, but when it comes to corruption he has never been called out by anybody for enriching himself at the expense of Nigerians.

The first part of Buhari's presidency as a military leader was tainted by the use of force, a character which embodied all military regimes ever to rule Nigeria, and yes we can name many distasteful incidents associated with Buhari as the military leader but none of them is corruption. Vice President Osinbanjo, although new to the Nigerian political scene is also clean, very clean.

This brings us to the man who is currently his Nigerian political Nemesis , Adams Oshiomole. Adams Oshiomole had no history or experience in the corridors of power but became Governor of Edo State via a tribunal championed by Ex-Governor of Edo State Lucky Igbinedion and the recent EDO PDP governorship contestant Pastor Ize Iyamu.

What was unknown to all those who got Oshiomhole in power was his penchant for change and stepping on toes. Oshiomhole wanted to serve the Edo people. His first 4yrs as Governor of Edo State was characterised by road repair, school renovations and wrestling power from endemic Edo Godfathers like Chief Tony Anenih, who thought he owned Edo state and Nigeria since 1983 when he was released from Kiri Kiri during the old Bendel state.

Sadly, that was the end of Oshiomhole’s decent work in Edo State. Oshiomhole used the next 4 years as Governor of Edo state to impact negatively on Edo People. Oshiomhole became a power drunk dictator, enriching himself stupendously with state funds whilst plundering Edo state into unprecedented levels of debt in the process. He was known for using thugs, cultist and state security against anyone who dared to challenge him. Oshiomhole embarrassed deprived Edo citizens and teachers, sold state properties to himself for cheap, used force to grab any land or property that he wanted in Edo state. An incident was shown on live television of Oshiomhole using Police to lock out the then Oba of Benin’s son, Prince Ekpen Erediauwa, and Benin women from the Palace when they came to protest against Oshiomhole taking the Oba’s son’s land and property.

Adams Oshiomhole gave a new meaning to the term Dictatorship. Packing constant busloads of Edo university girls to Government guest houses for weekends, bringing thugs into Edo Government house, spending billions on a private hollywood mansion and building an unnecessary private university in his village, nobody could oppose him. His parting shot to Edos was an empty Edo specialist hospital and the installation of Godwin Obaseki as Edo State’s Governor. Coincidentally, Oshiomhole’s tenure is when thousands of Edos started perishing in the Mediterranean Sea and deserts in search of a better life away from Edo State.

Those in the know predicted Oshiomhole could only survive if Jonathan Goodluck won the 2015 Presidential Election. Jonathan did not win but Oshiomhole has already used his new found wealth to pitch his tent in the administration of the new President, Mohammadu Buhari.

Oshiomhole became the new APC chairman after ousting Odigie Oyegun with his new wealth. He moved to Abuja and there his influence has became very disruptive.

Oshiomhole's undoing is democracy and Buhari’s drive to end corruption which has crippled Nigeria and made its citizen’s the laughing stock of the World, languishing in prisons in poorer countries and dying rampantly across the Mediterranean.


His quest to be the main man at the helm of Buhari’s anti-corruption fight has not only disrupted the party but is also threatening to cost the party the presidency in the next 6 months election. Cries of selective arrest and persecution of opponents have gotten louder across Nigeria because of Oshiomhole’s position in the APC party.

APC as a party has taken a particularly dramatic turn in installing Oshiomhole as National Chairman. The consistency needed by Buhari to convince disgruntled Nigerians of his fight against corruption is being compromised by Oshiomole's presence in the party.

Last week Oshiomhole was served papers by an Abuja Federal Court to appear on charges of corruption, embezzlement and misuse of public funds whilst he was Governor of Edo state. Surely this will affect APC at the presidential polls in 6 months’ time if Oshiomhole is still around.

The Political experts have predicted Oshiomhole will not escape this time and deep down I believe even he knows it. Adams Oshiomhole’s Nemesis has caught up with him.

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