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Edo Govt. Removing Equipment From Iyahmo to Relocate to Central Hospital

2nd Anniversary of The Dubious Commissioning

It has just been brought to our notice that Edo State APC led Government of Governor Godwin Obaseki has deployed lorries to Edo State University Teaching Hospital Iyamoh, to dismantle, remove and relocate hospital equipments installed therein to the "commissioned" 5 star central hospital complex on Sapele road in Benin City.

You will recall that the central hospital complex was made to be commissioned two years ago by Former governor Adams Oshiomhole knowing that the hospital was not equipped or ready for usage. At the time of the phantom commissioning, ex-Governor Oshiomhole deceitfully equipped the wards of the hospital with dummy equipments and successfully fooled Mr President who praised the project in superlative terms.

This high stake deception was blown wide open when Edo PDP rushed a potential patient there and it was discovered that the hospital was not staffed, equipped or functional. There were no doctors, nurses or hospital equipment. It was just a huge carcass of a building!

As the 2nd anniversary of the dubious commissioning draws near, and with the negative publicity it has created, Governor Obaseki's desperation is leading him to create his own "abracadabra" as it relates to the "5 star" central hospital complex.

We advice Governor Obaseki to come clean on how the funds meant to equip the hospital was diverted by his boss and business partner Adams Oshiomhole.

It was condemnable, barbaric and egocentric then to have contrived a commissioning for the so called 5star central hospital and it is still condemnable, barbaric and egocentric now to contrived a commissioning for the so called 5star central hospital by dismantling, removing and relocating equipment in the dead of night from Edo State University teaching hospital Iyamoh, by Governor Obaseki and his APC led State government to the so called 5star central hospital complex!

We call on Governor Obaseki to set up a panel to investigate the outright deception of Mr. President and Edo people in the dubious commissioning of a project that was not ready by Adams Oshiomhole. We also appeal to Governor Obaseki to as a matter of urgency complete the project and invite Mr. President to come and commission it so that he may not be viewed as an accomplice in the fraud!


Chris Osa Nehikhare


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