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USA: US Pipe bomb suspect was troubled loner, says his aunt

THE US pipe bomb suspect was an attention-seeking loner who found the ‘excitement’ he was looking for at Donald Trump’s rallies, his estranged aunt has said.

Cesar Sayoc, dubbed the MAGAbomber in reference to the US president’s slogan Make America Great Again, was described as ‘troubled’ by his mother’s sister Theresa Sharp-Russell.

He was arrested in Florida on Friday for mailing 14 suspected pipe bombs to prominent Democrats.

‘He was always on his own,’ she told MailOnline. ‘He was never political. He wanted an identity, he didn’t know who he was. He got all kinds of jobs and he always wanted attention.

‘I guess when he went to the Trump rallies, he felt at home with people like that. Trump is an inciter, he rubs up his base. I guess he loved that, he loved the excitement.’

The 76-year-old, who has not been in contact with her nephew for about a decade, added that he had taken ‘lots’ of steroids ‘for many years’. He had suffered mental health issues in the past, for which he refused help.

‘I feel that he didn’t mean to hurt anybody, he was just trying to scare them, I guess. But you don’t do that. I’m 100 per cent against what he did.’

Sayoc, 56, has been charged with five federal crimes after bombs were sent to critics of Mr Trump including former president Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and billionaire George Soros.

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