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Edo State: Embattled Speaker given 48 Hours or Be Impeached

Embattled Speaker of the Edo State House of Assembly and member representing Akoko-Edo state constituency II, Hon Kabiru Adjoto, has given his party, the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), 48 hours to withdraw the Party's 48 hour ultimatum to Hon Adjoto to reverse the controversial impeachment of the Deputy Speaker, Hon Victor Edoro.

The ruling APC had on 28 October written a two pages letter to the Speaker, duly signed by the State Chairman, Barr Anselm Ojezua, where the Party stated that the purported impeachment of Deputy Speaker, Victor Edoro, was, as it called it; "unconstitutional removal". The Party directed that the controversial Speaker should revert to "status quo ante" and reverse the suspension of the three members of the House within 48 hours, which has elapsed.

Responding to the Party's ultimatum, the Speaker, who is believed to be usurping the position of the Edo Central District as Speaker of the Edo State House of Assembly, in a three pages response, mocked the Edo APC and particularly the Edo State Chairman, Barr Anselm Ojezua, claiming that the party lacked the constitutional powers to give the House of Assembly any directives.

Adjoto, who had been involved in several scandals including violent impeachments, disturbances in the House of Assembly, domestic abuse and high handedness, literally lectured the APC State Chairman about his idea of what the position of the law is on the issue, claiming that the State Chairman showed evidence of not knowing the laws by his directives to "an arm of the government" which he claimed he is.

Adjoto ended his response by warning the APC to steer clear of the activities at the Edo State House of Assembly or else he would invoke the constitutional remedies against the Party.

In a personally signed three pages Letter to the APC State Chairman, the embattled Speaker, who has failed to secure the APC nomination ticket to either the House of Representatives or back to the House of Assembly in 2019, described the 48 hours ultimatum given to him by the Party as empty threats, emphasising that the APC as a party lacks the constitutional impetus to question a decision that he took as Speaker of the Edo State House of Assembly.

Stake holders in Edo State politics, particularly the APC, are waiting to see who, between Adjoto and Ojezua, is truly a person of greater influence in the State ruling party politics. Many also want to know whether the Party has any level of control over her office holders.

Meanwhile, the Edo Central people are waiting to know whether the Governor of Edo State, Godwin Obaseki, is genuinely interested in their senatorial well-being, restoring of their political dignity and political reintegration into Edo State mainstream beyond honouring their dead when the living are excluded from the power equation or tossed about in positions like orphans in Edo State.

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