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Nigerians are Asking Leaders to Swear Traditional Oath to Halt Corruption.

Hello Nigerians,

You all will agree with me that Bad Leadership is Nigeria’s No. 1 / Major problem and until we get a better person for that seat, the Country might remain stagnant just as it has always been.

Over the past years, different Leaders have emerged with each promising us heaven and earth but what do we get in return from them, Corruption, Poverty, Bad roads etc

Since 1960 when Nigeria gained Independence, the country has not achieved anything significant even after 58 years This is so sad I must say.

Bad leadership is the Country’s major problem at every level of Governance. No Politician is loyal to the people not even the Local Government Chairperson we are suppose to have good relationship with to relay our problems to.

The Governors, Senators and President only cares about their family and pockets, nothing more.

My question is this.do you think our leaders will perform better if they were made to swear by sango or ogun before assuming office

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