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Edo State Under Obaseki is Flatter than Overnight beer. Time for Him to Show Something Tangible.

Everywhere you look in the World at the moment there is an affirmation of change. Something new, something to energize the people, something to give hope.

In Edo State, Edos Worldwide want our governor to do well and propel our state. After 2 years plus of Godwin Obaseki at the helm this has not happened.

Under Godwin Obaseki, Edos have been coping with far-fetched big ideas, investor appearances, untold committee formations, pictures and stuff, none of which have equated to employment or opportunities for Edo people for over 2 years.

It’s time for Obaseki to try and win back Edo confidence but he is not pleading for it.

He is very complacent. One cannot help but notice his war with Oshiomhole, promising a teacher an apartment, promising money to a rapper, and bringing people from Lagos to come and develop Edo State. These are not governorship achievements. Godwin has not been Edo flavor of any month since November 2016 when he was inaugurated.

Arresting unemployed youths, increased cultism activities, displaced Libya returnees porous security, lack of communication in Edo State are all hallmarks that have characterized Obaseki's administration.

Edos Worldwide are no longer good enough to develop Edo State and Edo State is not good enough to live in hence our 1st lady, Mrs Betsy Obaseki is still resident in Lagos rendering her position dormant without a care for her responsibilities to Edo women worldwide. What does Godwin obaseki care? Soon some misguided young men will post pictures of him in the market again and praise him.

The only one working in Edo state is our Monarch, Oba Ewuare II. Our King has been Inspiring and invigorating with visible results.

Edos who want to help Edo state, like those in the Diaspora have been reduced to beggars. Begging for the Edo government to do its job and involve them healthily. Go and look at what Edos are doing all over the world and ask why they cannot do it in Edo State. Go and look at Edo qualifications and impact in the western world and ask why the Edo Government is not reaching out to them for partnerships. Why must Edos at home suffer so much because the man at the helm is not interested. May I remind you Mr. Governor that if Edo State does not play its strong hand across all quarters quickly, there is a real fear of an uprising very soon. Just add the visible lack of update on almost all of Gov. Godwin Obaseki's promises and you will understand why Edo State is in trouble! The pace or lack of it, from the Obaseki's administration has become very worrying indeed.

How long can you continue locking up unemployed youths who have graduated to no jobs. Perhaps you still waiting for them to run out of the country via Libya. Let’s all engage them properly.


As politics is now modern and non-violent, it is safe to say that at this rate Obaseki will be voted out in 2020 and called a failure but the real victims will be Edo people.

Its time for something to give and Gov. Obaseki must leave Lagos people and go to the Edo diaspora for assistance before it is too late.

As I was reminded recently that even from the Edo State Government house, Nobody is shouting "wake and see Governor" anymore, they have replaced it with a new slogan "we do not believe you".

Its time to win back Edo confidence Godwin.

The Editor

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