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2019: US urges Nigerians to vote candidates based on records, not promises

Stuart Symington, US Ambassador to Nigeria, has urged Nigerians to vote candidates based on records and not promises in 2019.

Symington has made the call in a Christmas message to Nigerians yesterday, saying that Nigerians have their future in their hands.

“As you go into 2019 you will be facing a new round of elections. What you do in those elections would be crucial not just for you but for all of us. And as you get ready, I ask you to think of three things.

“First, charge your potential leaders with this notion: Say not just what you say you will do for the country but what have you already done.

“Second, it is incredibly important that you recognise that in a democracy, it is you who gets to make the decision,” Symington said.

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