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Edo State Community Manchester Celebrates 15 years.

The Edo State Community Manchester was formed by a few Edo State indigenes in 2003 to promote unity and cultural values of Edo State people in Manchester, liaise with other Edo speaking people in the UK and associate with other Nigerian communities in and

around Manchester for the common good of Edo State people. We bring people of Edo State together to interact and integrate amongst ourselves by organising end of year parties, barbeque, Edo Week (which is a week-long event of lectures, language classes for our children, various professional clinics and marriage advice sessions. We also participate in activities of other Nigerian communities including other Edo State groups and individuals.

In 2016, we participated in the Manchester Parade where, we lavishly displayed our rich cultural heritage with a King and Queen leading the procession. We support charitable causes in Nigeria through donation of cash and materials.

Our target in 2019 is to have our own building, which will be a building, for all Edo State People in and around Manchester. The building would help us to achieve the aims and objectives of our founding fathers and mothers. With our building, we can welcome, advise, assist, accommodate or sign post anybody of Edo State and Nigeria who may come to us for help. It would be a place to at least seek help and ask questions before knowing about Citizens Advice Bureau and the likes if entitled to do so. We will be able to organise various professional clinics such as Immigration, family, employment, Edo State languages, investment and a place of meetings. We will do the best we can to make sure we get the building very soon. We however know that we cannot do it on our own, but with your supports at the appropriate time, we know very well that, ‘YES’ we can. We will like to say a big thanks to our Patron, Mr Isaac Ehiozuwa (Edo State Head of Service). Our Matron, the Revered Archbishop Margaret Idahosa, General Overseer, Church of God Mission for their support and advice. We say a special thank you to Mrs Helen Osifo for her support and being the only former Chairperson who remains a member of Edo State Community Manchester till date, and to the current chairman, Barrister Lucky Obayuwana for his selflessness, and all executives for pushing the association forward. Long live Edo state community Manchester. Chairman of the occasion is Pastor Monday Ibude. Chairlady, Ms Augusta Ogor,(Chairman Nigeria Community Manchester), and guest speaker, Mr Eddy Obakhavbaye .

The 15th year celebration was held on the 15th of Dec. 2018 at the Ukrainian Centre, Cheetam Hill, Manchester. See the picture Gallery Below.

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