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Edo Women Adding Insult to Injury on Edo People.

The Edos want a fresh drive from Edo women to help the Edo community fulfill its potential home and abroad. In a damning report, Edo Connect has called on Edo women to come together after inflicting "intensely poisonous damage on themselves and the Edo Community".

We dismiss arguments that Edo men should be held solely responsible for the damage in the Edo communities worldwide-though men are not fully exonerated, the damage created by the Edo women can no longer be overlooked.

For over 30 years, Edos have refused to blame Edo women for their negative social attitudes which have led to Edo state becoming the capital of human trafficking worldwide. The international reports and interviews from Edo girls explain that it is the Edo women and Mothers who are the traffickers, agents, and the recruiters. They even got to the extent of sending their own daughters into prostitution overseas.

In the world, Western, Nigeria and in Edo state, there is no Edo woman who stands in front to lead other Edo women, first lady or otherwise. There is no one who goes to see how the others are faring in the village, schools, Europe , Libya, USA or wherever, making it easy to conclude that everywhere you look in the world "Edos represent a home without a mum". But we have mums in Edo women, the question is what type of mum we have.

Below are some of the most common complaints about Edo women from a huge selection of Edo women interviewed for this purpose.

  • Most successful Edo woman believe they have only been able to achieve their success by being away from the Edo community saying Edos do not help each other or want each other to succeed. They need the limelight on themselves only.

  • Most Edo women are not content. They are motivated to have more money than their friends hence human trafficking became widespread in Edo state.

  • Most Edo women have insulted themselves so deeply that they have no self-confidence left. Attempting to help the Edo community, they claim, will only put them in the firing line of more damaging insults.

  • Most Edo women do not encourage their husband's dreams or visions if it won’t yield money immediately. They say he must have money before he can dream. If he does not have money, he is disrespected and will have very limited authority hence the Edo men let their daughters and sons be trafficked at the wife’s request.

  • Most Edo women sing praises of other men except for their husbands because they want their husbands to know that, the women like to associate with people who have made it financially, regardless of the means. Their message to their husbands is “You go and make it if you want my respect”. Hence most Edo women mock their husbands for helping the community because it is not an immediate financial venture.

There are others but for the purpose of this exercise the above will do.

The big questions are, "How have Edo women become right by abandoning their own"? and “How do we explain some of their actions given the consequences?

The majority of the elderly Edos are pushing poisonous messages that have failed. They have told younger Edos not to talk by misinterpreting tradition. The older generation DO NOT CARE and any attempt to address the "Edo slide” is seen as disrespectful in their eyes. The younger Edo women must change the narrative, urgently and fast, the mums must change it for their daughters or they will fail and the community will keep failing. This is why most Edo girls in diaspora are married to westerners and oyibo citing the poison amongst their Edo women as the first reason they did, rather than love, papers or lack of a man.

Edos have awoken and are no longer sleeping at the wheel. We must steer our ship in the right direction. The chaotic state of our community must be a catalyst for "genuine change". Edo women have to accept this report is not to criticize you but to stop you from adding insults to our injury. It is extraordinary and totally unacceptable, that no Edo woman has taken charge of such a serious situation and acted to improve things. It’s time to do the decent thing and change.

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