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FIDA, Edo Branch, Organises EDO Mega Protest Over Naked Girl.

Only last week, precisely on the 8th of Febrary we saw walking into our office the victim of that incident of a girl stripped and dehumanized in the highest manner possible by having pepper put into her vagina.

She narrated her sordid ordeal to us and we thereafter took her to the police and hospital for medical care.

Police investigated while we closely monitored the case and the matter was charged to court.

FIDA in collaboration with other NGO's decided to plan a protest March today the 12th day of February to decry the dastardly act of some men,stripping the victim naked and removing her dignity in such a gruesome manner.

FIDA in collaboration with other groups and persons embarked on a protest March round the streets of Benin and marched to the Commissioner of Polices' office and that of the Governor of Edo State.

Our walk today was an outcry against violence in such a dastardly manner and the visit to Mr.Governor culminated by the assent of Gov Obaseki to the Violence Against Persons Prohibition Bill.

Now we have a viable law in Edo State which is a veritable tool in the emancipation of women against a great number of ills that they have to contend with.

Gone now are the days when women could be violated and assaulted and the perpetrators would go scot free.

The passage of this bill into law is a great milestone achievement for all of Edo citizens.

It has taken us from the 21st century to Mega eons ahead in time.

The protection of citizens rights will now be comparable to highly developed countries like United States America and that of United Kingdom.

Some key areas seen in the law is that we now have in codified form punishment against diverse forms of violence.For the first time in Edo State, spouses cannot throw out from the matrimonial homes their partners without punishment.Parents must take care of thier children or spend 2 years in jail.Domestic violence and all genres of harmful traditions practices have been criminalised.

Iryn Omorogiuwa Fida Edo Chairperson

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