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Contributions Stagnating The Edo Community Must Change or Stop.

Many have openly said it, in fact, it's an open secret. The disgraceful low financial contributions from successful Edos are stagnating the community. The successful Edos have set a very low precedence to be accorded the highest respect in the Edo communities in the Diaspora. For a community blessed with professionals of the highest caliber across all spectrums, especially in the UK and the USA, Edos ought to be doing much better. Better in celebration, better in support systems, better in Edo state youth development, better, better, better.

So why are successful Edos in the diaspora failing in their humanitarian task? It is simple, they learnt it from home, Edo state: not realizing the rules are different now.

With the current exception for Captain Hosa Okunbor in Benin -city and Dr. Taiwo Idemudia in London, all other successful Edos do not "GIVE" to develop their community. Let us not mistake the word "giving" with "contributing". Successful Edos have become expert contributors so that their people will not have a pop at them. They have become experts at making sure the poor get poorer, because they systematically bully them into contributing to events where the successful ones will sit at the high table. Their merit comes from their success, which the community knows about, as opposed to "GIVING" which is what it should be about.

The obvious truth is Edos have over 100 successful people worldwide who could make a difference but do not. The only time they would want to GIVE and not contribute is when the Governor of Edo State or the Oba of Benin will ask them personally, which will never happen. They are not humanitarian enough to anything they are not the personal benefactors. They are stagnating the community with their contributions by setting a very low bar while commanding utmost respect in the process.

Our question, to the successful Edos, is "who is supposed to do it for us"? We are tired of scouring the planet for you for £50.00. It is now the norm. Talk back to them and they will not give you, £50.00! If in the end, the successful ones say its not them that are responsible for the community, then the community have a decision to make. Maybe accepting we are poor and doing it ourselves is better than respecting the successful ones who are not interested in us.

  • We want successful Edos to change and lead us accordingly.

  • Edos do not have a community center, restaurant or any point of gathering in the UK.

  • Successful Edos in the diaspora should raise their community token or forget it, £50.00 in London does not go anywhere.

  • Edo entertainment needs your support.

  • Successful Edos in the diaspora must stop taking from the less privileged Edos to preserve our culture and tradition.

  • Successful Edos in the diaspora must stop sending less privileged Edos messages without transport fee.

We can continue breaking down each effect but there is no need. What there is a need for right now, is, the end of the disgraceful list of high ranking Edo Doctors and Professors, who openly contribute £50 to Edo events, and expect the balance monies from cleaners and the less privileged Edos. Either you are with us or you are not? Keep your £50 until it comes from your heart to help your community as we know you are capable of.

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